5 Essential Tips for Military Members Re-entering Civil Society

Today, many people are considering what it means to re-enter the world after putting their lives on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Veterans and active military members are also familiar with the tumultuous process of re-entering society. Many men and women in the military struggle with their mental health and career decisions during this transition period, and services like PTSD Solutions Therapy can help them find their footing again. If you’re a current or former member of the military who is in the process of re-entering civil society, these tips can provide some helpful guidance.

Consider Therapy

Upon leaving the military, many veterans experience symptoms of PTSD, which can include nightmares, intrusive thoughts, memory loss, anger, and hypervigilance. Some also struggle with adult ADD or ADHD, which can be characterized by difficulty concentrating, impulsivity, restlessness, and anxiety. If you suspect that you’re dealing with a mental health condition, it’s best to seek professional help. For example, you could seek out a program like RESET therapy for PTSD. To find the right therapist, VeryWellMind recommends choosing someone who specializes in the condition you’re struggling with and making sure that your personalities click during your first session.

Choose a New Career

After spending years in the military, you might be wondering what you should do to make a living now. Choosing a new career path is a big decision, but you may have had time to think about your options during the pandemic, and your military experience has prepared you for a wide variety of professional responsibilities. Money Talks News suggests looking into becoming an emergency dispatcher, police officer, licensed nurse, paramedic, mechanic, or HVAC technician. If you’re interested in a career path that requires a degree or other professional certification, research local universities or trade schools that offer the coursework you need.

Establish Work-Life Balance

As you move forward in your new career path, you might feel like balancing work and your personal life is overwhelming, especially if you had more downtime during the pandemic. Taking on new responsibilities can be stressful, even if you dealt with more challenging situations during your time in the military. If you’re in charge of other employees at work, you’ll need to come up with some stress-reduction strategies. For instance, Zenbusiness suggests that it’s a good idea to take breaks during the workday and step away for a walk, set boundaries between your professional and personal life, and take vacation days when you need to relax. Working remotely when possible can also help you avoid stress.

Find a Support Group

Joining a veterans’ organization or support group gives you the opportunity to connect with other people who have walked in your shoes before. After months of solitude during the pandemic, you’ll be able to meet people who can offer your first-hand advice on anything you’re struggling with. Upon leaving the military, you might feel alone and isolated, especially if most of your friends served alongside you. By joining a support group, you’ll be able to start building new friendships with other veterans. You’ll be grateful for their guidance and companionship in the days ahead.

Care for Your Health

Finally, taking care of your physical health can improve your overall well-being. Eating a nutritious diet and making time for fitness benefits both your body and mind, and it’s crucial for keeping your immune system strong. Plus, working out is a great form of stress relief. Aim to cook healthy meals at home, and consider getting a gym membership so that you can commit to a regular exercise routine. 

As many people have learned throughout the pandemic, re-entering the world is complicated, and this has always been true for members of the military. But there are plenty of ways to make the transition a bit more manageable. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the support you need after ending your military career.

Dr. Howard Chusid, Ed.D, LMHC, NCC, MAC is a Florida Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) with offices in Hallandale and Coral Springs, Florida. His practice focuses on PTSD, ADD/HD and kids having problems with their parents. Dr. Chusid is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and assists families whose marriages are broken.

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