Missed Love

My son called me on Sunday morning, to let me know that a good friend had just died from a drug overdose. I knew the young man since he was 4 years old, and now he would have been 42. I know his parents, his sister, his aunt and uncle, his cousins and I knew his grandparents.  He was a really nice young man, who went astray. His parents did all the right things; they are good people who gave their son love and affection. When they found their son making some missteps, they didn’t ignore it. They tried to find help for him. Whether it was local or long distance, they didn’t leave any stone unturned. They sent him to rehab in order to try and stop the problem. They kept him home, helped him find a place to live and then tried sending him for a change of scenery, but none of it helped. He worked, did all the right things, but he obviously couldn’t live without the drugs. There are drugs to wake us up and put us to sleep, to make us feel down and up and to make us feel, even when we can’t feel.

This is another one of the cases where someone just doesn’t feel loved. They don’t feel wanted, or cared for. They think that no one cares for them. There are a lot of people like that, but in this case, it wasn’t real. This young man was loved and cared for. Friends and people he just met really did care for him. He was loved and just didn’t know it. How many of us feel the same way – we are loved and people care for us, but we just don’t feel it. We just don’t get it. My son tells me that people are coming in from all over for his funeral. Even though, in his religion the body gets buried as soon as possible, in this case in 48 hours, they expect that over 150 people will be there paying their respects. That means that 150 people will give up their plans, appointments, jobs and other important things to pay their respects to this fine young man. I think that says quite a bit about this special young man.

How many of us forget our value – that we are valuable to someone, to many, to our families and friends? How many just don’t understand their value to the community of people around them?  How many think that taking drugs is the way to bliss or to just forget our problems? We lose so many who just don’t understand their importance.  I only pray and hope that he is encompassed with love and caring wherever he may be.

I also hope that those who travel that same road will understand that they are cared for. Hopefully, they will get the needed help along that road. So, we the living, won’t have to go kids funerals any more!!

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