Parkland and Coral Springs, Florida and Valentines Day

As we are approaching Valentine’s Day, many of us in South Florida are facing trepidation, fright and a palpable uneasiness. It’s has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, heretofore a day when romantics bought roses for their loved ones, Hallmark cards did a very brisk business, and many people ended their day with taking their loved ones out to dinner. However, the events of last year, 2018, changed all that. It has become the date that will be remembered as the anniversary of the Parkland killings, the day that 34 students and staff, who were in school, were killed or wounded by a crazed young killer. It wasn’t that the killer knew all the kids, had a relationship with them or even spoke with them, he just wanted to get even with the school that threw him out. The killings were brutal, using an AR-15 to mow down the unsuspecting students and faculty. It was planned well enough even to the point of blending in with the students and faculty exiting the building. This horrendous act has reverberated around the world, and to the affected area of Parkland, in Coral Springs, Florida it will remain a source of terror for years to come. The trauma doesn’t only affect the students that were there, but everyone around, their friends, relatives, people who know or knew them, and all the many circles of friends intertwined. With occurrences as egregious as this, no one forgets and everyone becomes part of the extended story. So, how do we deal with the Post Traumatic Stress that this has caused? How do we deal with the pain that this area not only suffered, but continues to suffer? Newspaper, radios, television, movies and all the social media has played and replayed the events so many times, that those affected are in a constant state of turmoil. We need to help them so they can function and move on in order to survive. No one can really forget the tragedy of that day, or the days that followed, but moving on is the only way that many can live their lives to the fullest.

RESET THERAPY is a treatment used for PTSD. It uses sound as the medium to assist an individual to de-emphasize a trauma, so they could move past and have a productive life. It has been used with our veterans very successfully in alleviating the many symptoms that PTSD causes, and in many cases allows the affected to finally get a good night’s sleep. Please call us at 954-455-0388 to schedule an appointment and start on the road to “reclaim your life”. The Helping Place, LLC has offices in Hallandale and Coral Springs.

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